ULAB Token

The ULAB Token is used to provide access to all of our features.


Total Supply


Returned to Stakers



Token & Fees

In order to enhance the platform and its community, on token's conversion, 6% will return the pool.
Fee breakdown: 2% development, 1% marketing, 1% team and 2% ecosystem.
Holding the token gives you access to all premium features.
Stake our native token to support the platform and achieve additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is working hard on always adding new features, and you can always view them on the DApp page.

There is a 6% fee when buying or selling the token. The fee is broken as follows: 2% for development and new contract additions, 1% for marketing, 1% for the team and 2% for the ecosystem.

No. Transferring the token between wallets does not incur any fees.

You can buy the token on PancakeSwap V2. More trading platforms, including centralized exchanges, are coming soon.
We are not live yet! Join our Telegram to get updated