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Accelerating the practical application and mass adoption of Web 3.0 blockchain technologies for Enterprise and beyond.

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On Time

Once a legal validates the contract, the contract will automatically execute its protocols. Because smart contracts are digital its business protocols are automated; there is no paperwork to process and researching renewal dates.


Smart Contracts do not require a third party’s involvement, and since all records are encrypted in the Blockchain, the information in them cannot be altered for personal benefit. All documents and related transactions in the Blockchain are encrypted.

Optimize Costs

Unilab's smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries to handle transactions, monitor renewals or extensions, and need large physical files. It supports wide range of networks including ethereum and different keys.

Easy to Use

Unilab enables users across a variety of skill sets to implement dapps. The Unilab's platform is open sourced to the community. Since it decentralized there is no single point of control which means there is no single point of failure.

4 Steps to create your own
smart contract
in production

Browse between certified codebases and choose your preferred contract type
Customize settings to your preferences and usecase
Deploy the contract to mainnet
Manage and monitor your contract with our proprietary dashboards
Project timeline

Let's disscus Roadmap

just now
just now


  • Fundraising
  • BETA launch
  • Support for ETH and BSC networks
  • Token sales
  • Support for more EVM based networks
  • Support for contract dashboards
  • Support for sentiment analysis on social media

just now
just now


  • Support for major non-EVM platforms - Solana, ADA and more
  • Extension of supported protocols and contracts
  • Launch of Unilab's Acceleration Program

just now
just now


  • Open repository for developers
  • Support for royalty model for codebases

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